About us

Dewei Tech is a comprehensive consulting, engineering, casting simulation and manufacturing company, helping for foundry and related industries to achieve business success. Based on foundation between Deere Minmetal Group (China) and RWP GmbH (Germany), we are able to support foundries and manufacturers of all sizes, locally and globally with an industry-first casting simulation software, hands-on experiences and latest technologies. In cooperation with top German universities, European research institutes, Dewei Tech ensures the best in class scientific background knowledge which is applicable in several industrial sectors. We are committed to your success considering requirements of your processes, products, services and business goals.

What we offer

  • DeweiCast (Casting process simulation software)
  • Latest foundry technologies
  • Casting system design and optimization
  • Component development and prototyping
  • Foundry consulting service
  • Research and development
  • Training and seminars
  • Serial production of cast part
  • Foundry planning
  • Foundry consulting and supervision
  • Process digitalization and analytics (Industry 4.0)
  • Quality management